It won’t matter if you want to be a handyman or not. You still need to know what basic skills a handyman needs to have before you hire one. Handymen may come at different levels. Some are certified by the state while others have received advanced training. 


More often than not, the expertise level of handymeis relevant to their skill level, reputation, and professional ethics. Below are the basic guidelines that are followed by a majority of handymen all over the United States.   

  1. Holder of a high school diploma 

Most handymen hold a high school diploma. This is a basic requirement of most states for the certification process. Of course, a high school diploma isn’t enough. They should also possess the basic skills expected of a handyman to get started.     

  1. Special skills training 

While most of the handyman work is basic, there are some tasks that are a bit complicated than others. As a matter of fact, contractors specializing in such kind of service require license or certification. Examples of tasks that require skills training include heating, plumbing, electrical work, and landscape design, among others. The formal training required by these tasks usually includes an exam that they need to pass.   

  1. Licensing 

Handymen who eventually want to become licensed contractors may seek a license to become one. In the same way, if they intend to set up a handyman business, then they have to comply with the state business licensing laws. It means that in some states, handymen are required to hold both licenses before they can open up for business.   

  1. Insurance

Insurance is a very important consideration when hiring a home improvement professional. Handymen should be covered by one to free you of any liability in case any accident or untoward instances occur. Make it a habit to ask the handyman if he is covered by insurance before hiring him. For handymen that are employed by a company, a bond is usually added to the insurance for maximum client protection.  

  1. Experience 

Some states don’t require individual licensing for handymen because their services are so diverse. Here is where experience will come in. The longer the handyman is working in the field, the more experienced they get, and that will directly affect the quality of work they produce.   

  1. Rates

Every handyman follows has his own rate and pricing scheme. To know if the handyman is charging you reasonably, try to determine the average rate of handyman in your city. The one that you hire should give you a rate or a quote that falls within the average.  

  1. Employee Identification Number 

If you are hiring a handyman from a business, it would be best if you ask for their EIN or Employer Identification Number for your own protection. You can use this number in verifying the information and background of the handyman and the business he is part of.  

These are what you can expect or ask from the Brandon FL handymen that you hire. This should give you a good idea about them so you can set the right expectations about their services.